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Meet up, Goodie Bag, Headcount poll!

Last minute, I know, and I keep harping and harping on this, but I really don't want to run out of things, and I don't want to over-produce, either. ^_^

Poll #1428898 Goodie bag count

Are you attending the RS meetup?

Yes, I will be there by myself
Yes, and I'm bringing a friend (non-lj)
I might, but don't hold me to it
Dang, I wish I could, but alas, no. :(
What's an RS, and why would I want to meet one?

Do you have something to add to the "goodie bags"?

YES! And I can meet you Thursday to give it to you!
Yes, but I won't be there until Friday, so I'll just bring it to the meetup
No, but next time, I will for sure!
Maybe, if on my last-minute trip to Target or Walgreens I see something puppy-shippy.
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oooookay? I've got crickets here... Um, so how many goodie bags should I make up? I've got stuff for about 25-30 of them, but I need to get/make the actual bags.

Also If anyone else would like to bring something to put INTO the bag, let me know, okay? I've only got a few things, and it would be awesome if I could have more stuff.

Bag-stuffing party (sort of) will meet in the lobby of the hotel Thursday around, what? 3ish? 4? Let me know when would work for you. It won't take long for me to put my stuff into the bags, but if anyone has anything else they'd like to contribute, that would be AWESOME!

I'd just like to have an idea and a head count. THANKS!!

Goodie bags!

Hey! I'm going to be putting together goodie bags for the meet-up on Thursday night. Anyone who wants to donate anything to the bags is welcome to do so. ^_^

Those who have gone to other meet-ups with goodie bags have a decent idea of what sorts of things go in there, but it would be awesome to maybe have some drabble booklets, or bookmarks, cards... something?

I've got a few things I've prepared, but anyone else is welcome to donate!

If you're interested in donating something for the bags, just reply here.

I'd also like to get a head count!

Five more days, peeps!!! :D :D :D
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Name: Anastasia/ladymerri
From: Southern CA
House: I'm a Slytherin, with Ravenclaw tendencies. Used to be the other way around, but Slytherin is definately winning out now.
Favorite HP Character: Remus (and therefore Sirius), Lucius, Snape
Meet-up ideas: I'm just happy to meet new people, and maybe even drabble?
Have you been to any previous cons? Nope. This will be the first. Sooooo excited.

A bit of info:
I'm a loooooong time lurker in the fandom, only popping up to comment here and there occasionally. I do write fic, but very seldom actually share it. I'm trying to get better at that. Maybe you all can poke me. I'm in the fandom, and this ship particularly, due entirely to pre_raphaelite1. It's all her fault, and I love her for it. ;)

*waves enthusiastically*
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Name: Megan/pre_raphaelite1 (oo, look, I slash myself! :P )
From: Southern CA
House: I'm a Ravenclaw with a hell of a lot of Slytherin tendencies.
Favorite HP Character: A horrible thing to ask! I love R/S clearly though wtf were you doing with Remus, JKR? I'm also a massive Minerva fan.
Meet-up ideas: I'm happy to write some drabbles and just chat it up!
Have you been to any previous cons? Yup. The Witching Hour (where I organized the R/S meetup and gave a talk on the Queerness of PoA), Lumos, and Sectus.

A bit of info:
I'm one of the old school/ old timers of writing R/S (yes, the 2005 Haight-Ashbury of fandom sort). I'm an open pervert (You'll find a lot of Padfoot fics in my ouvre) and adore a toppy Remus. I moved to iJ after the whole strike through thing so all my fics are there organized obsessively (virgo-ly) by tags, but my older stuff still exists here on LJ. I've joined Dreamwidth now so I'm starting to crosspost at both places. I'm anxious to meet up with fellow puppyshippers!

*waves* Hellooooo!
Wizard Pride

Looking for LGBTQ HP fan writers/artists who will be at Azkatraz!

I am the organizer for a panel at this years Azkatraz convention in San Francisco. The panel is scheduled for Saturday, July 18, 2 PM. A couple of the originally planned panel participants have found they can't make the convention this year, so I need to find replacements. Panellists need to: 1) be attending the convention in SF, 2) be Harry Potter fan fic writers, 3) identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual or queer and 4) want to talk about the panel topic.

Queers in the Wizarding World and Ours

PANEL - led by Slashpervert

One of the most popular forms of Harry Potter fan fiction is “slash” – the pairing of canon characters in homosexual and/or bisexual relationships. While real world queers are fighting for equal rights in everything from employment, marriage, and adoption, stories about Harry Potter and his friends facing the same issues are read by thousands of fans around the world. What is the relationship between the two realms? Are queer-themed fan fiction helping the struggle or is it just voyeurism by mostly straight fans? How do queer fans experience these stories? Do these stories educate or perpetuate myths? How do gay, lesbian, and bisexual fans feel about this aspect of fandom? This panel of queer fans who are also slash writers discuss these questions.

If you qualify, please send email about yourself to: slashpervert@gmail.com

In the email, please include your age, gender and sexual orientation information, links to your writing and some basic biographic information about you.

[Comm mods, please feel free to delete if posting this is a problem.]


Name: Eleanor
From: Chicago (right by Obama, woo!)
House: Slytherin
Favorite HP Character: Ummm... I have to pick one? Probably Remus, but I need something more original than that... I actually really like Tonks... I like to think that she doesn't interfere with the slash OTP because her relationship with Remus started after Sirius' death... and Remus was probably bisexual anyway. :)
Meet-up ideas: Ummm... I don't have any. I'm cool with pretty much anywhere as long as it doesn't interfere with any important  events... also I'm under 21 so I wouldn't be able to drink at a bar.
Have you been to any previous cons? Yes... I was at Portus last year. I also went to Enlightening (non-HPEF conference) in 07.
This is a cool little community... nice to connect with people of similar slashy interests. Out of curiosity (and if you guys don't mind)... what are people's ages? Just curious to see if I'm far apart from everyone else. :)
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Introduction :-)

Name: woldy
From: Canada (but originally the UK)
House: Ravenclaw
Favorite HP Character: I'm torn between Remus, Sirius & Snape - it depends on my mood. I also adore Luna, though.
Meet-up ideas: Either an excursion to a bar or a picnic by the beach could be awesome IMHO. Or if there's a small group we could bundle into someone's hotel room with drinks n pizza.
Have you been to any previous cons? Sectus